This section is for my hobbies.

I’ve been a fan of wrestling since I was about 14 and I especially enjoy attending live wrestling events. Please view my wrestling pageĀ  to view pictures of me with some wrestlers from various events including WWE NXT, Evolve, FIP, TNA, NWA and several independent wrestling events.

Music has also been a love of mine. I grew up in a musical family with my father, uncles, cousins and siblings all being musicians. I’ve attended many concerts and got to meet some really cool artists including Tesla, Tiffany and Nita Strauss. Please view my music page for pics and other information from my favorites.

Not a big gamer but I do enjoy an occasional old school game with some of my favorites being old Lucas Arts games and I’ve gathered quite a collection. I have a little page dedicated to these games and different platforms to play them. I also have a desire to create my own stand up arcade with all my favorite games.

In addition to the old school games I also really enjoy playing Links LS 2003 which was originally created by Access Software then bought by Microsoft. Shortly after Microsoft bought them they stopped creating the game. There is an active community that still plays regularly and some enthusiasts that create new courses with Arnold Palmer’s Course Designer (APCD) software all the time. I too have been trying to recreate the Mullet Lake Country Club golf course I grew up on in Cheboygan, MI using their website, my memory, Google/Bing maps and Google Earth. It’s a learning process.

I also plan on blogging about all of these things as well. I hope you enjoy.