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My WordPress Portfolio

Welcome, I am Matt King and this is my WordPress Portfolio.

I can be found on most social media as MattKingIT. You will typically find me posting about technology but also wrestling, music and movies.

I’ve been working on a logo for my website as well as social media. I was thinking I would base my logo on the things I like most. One of my favorite animals is the gorilla as I find them so amazing and intriguing. When I would visit Busch Gardens in Tampa I would spend a lot of time just watching the Gorilla Habitat. So based on that I came up with my own drawing/concept below.


My Logo Draft

As I’m not a great artist or logo designer I thought I’d reach out to and request some designs from I had two different artist come up with some designs for me based on the requirements above but left it mostly up to them as I had a general idea but always open. Here are some of the concepts they came up with for me and I loved them all.